Lascaux Cave France 20,000 BCE. The picture of words the elevated BirdHead man in fate, power, rule and death.

The pregnant victim Bison is annoyed and agitated from the Birdhead man aiming her horns with her hairs, legs, tail standing on end and showing the sign of birth and after-birth with a spear drawn in between with the meaning of fate (of her baby?) The spear looks like it has made this opening but a spear could not produce such an opening so the picture of words has other planned wor-ld meanings (Also see present modern day alien cattle and human mutilations.)

The barbed spear is from the Birdhead man but yet the Birdhead man in today's thinking is a mythical being un seen but a Bison is clearly looking at this Birdhead man especially his erect penis like hes penis is more dangerous than the spear which is drawn over the Bison’s pregnancy bump which points to an instrument which is used to throw the spear which point to a rule and rein pole with a bird perched on top which could symbolise rule and rein for war.

The Bird on this rule and rein pole standard has its head facing the backside of a half drawn Three Horned Rhino (which animal may represent short sighted power)
also the Birdhead mans penis and feet or shoes are liken to the Three horns on the Rhino (or Thorns). The Rhino is lifting his tail with six organised shit dung dots coming from its strained back and backside which could mean: End, Final and ALL, (Ref Sumerian writing). There similar six dots in sumerian seals which later became seven dots depicted in the sky. (Ref page NFOSource ) These six group dots are also depicted at the far End of one of the passages in the cave.

Do the six dots mean death and re-birth? six months is the time period of the human pregnancy and food taken in and death taken out as waste describing the Birdhead man or human life as shit.
The picture shows the Bison elevating his legs and unbalancing the Birdhead man (or as the saying goes knocked for Six or ALL concerning Six on Modern day Rolled Dice thrown ) from his position falling backwards with his arms spreading out. His erect penis which is also in the shaped of his feet could suggest many things: energy, force, strength, power, seed, fertility and rule.

There's similarities with Norway BirdHead men erect penises and Algerian BirdHead men All around the world there's some kind representation of Birdhead men (priest) from the Easter Islands of the invading Birdmen Worrier class to Viking Birdhead men worriers on stones in Norway Scandinavia It is also said vikings traveled as far as the Americas. The Native Indians have representative Eagle Birdheads. Is the Birdhead men representation of international religious priestly order and worrier cast on Earth.
There's an Sorcerer priest Eaglehead man in the same vicinity but seen above with a Human like baby in arms with animals feet
(See Image front page, top right above of words the Chosen One's) within bunched Scratched Lines of a Triangle. The image has similarities of today's priest with baby for the anointment of rule & and war e.g: The Scandinavian priesthood appointed the chosen 1st King of England as they administer the country on his be-half.

The Birdhead man hands is wide open with four fingers looking like a pine cone and could mean Longevity since Pine Trees are the longest living things on Plan-et Earth.
See other Alien Four Finger Hands and other liken similarities from Lascaux Cave. His elongated body has the meaning of elevation with a large content hollow body space and shown with Mouth Open which could mean Life, Breath or Energy. The hollow body of Norway BirdHead men have a circle and cross+ inside their body and this symbol could mean Four Corners of the world + domination, land division, boundary, travel like a spoke-wheel, or a symbol of a bird: 1 head the 2 wings and 1 tail or a flag emblem sign +. and many call the religious cross+ a sword. The Birdhead man feet looks like his penis (and funny enough also looks like winkle picker shoes).
The watching Bird on the pole has similarities to War Rein Standard depicted on the 3100 BCE Namer palette of the1st King of Egypt Namer of Dynasty (Zero)
And high-level sumerian war priest ruling emblem. 2900 BCE and as like the curve from this prehistoric rein pole could suggest launch .
The HawkBird on a perch pole is still depicted for Empires e.g. Roman and German and is the modern day spying symbol of the American CIA.

The Bird figures also has similarity symbolism to the Horus Hawk God of Egypt with the "All Seeing Eye" which the Left Eye represented the moon and the Right Eye the Sun.

The images were drawn down a deep shaft hole called the " WELL" about half way down a Rhino is drawn next to the scene and on the opposite side of the wall a horses head and shoulder is drawn which could represent a person or a Clan sign since it is depicted at ALL Ends of The Cave.

The 6 dots could represent a time period. See Scandinavia four finger image and dots probably mean season or schedule e.g. 4 fingers x 7dots = 28 days = 1 month. Also the Lunar Moon phases are 27 days and 29 days. (Which is the Jewish Moon Calendar and also used to Commemorate the death of a Relative) Therefore the 6 dots could represent half a year. The 6 month June / July? . Could represent numbering to signify migration E.g Like mulitple Norway dots on rock carvings, Departure, Territory, End, Final and Boundary? (See the 6 dots in the Blau Monument ) And 6 is also known as the perfect number.(Note the next perfect number is 28 as in 1 Lunar Month). The Sumerian counting system was Base 6. Eg : 4 x 6 = 24 hrs in a day and modern day standard of Universal wor ld Time. Also 24 wk's = 6 month's = the final length of human pregnancy.

The 6 dots could strangely mean man and animal, the combined 2 legs of man and 4 legs of animal making a spiritual hybrid or Beast (Birdhead man 2 legs and Bison 4 legs.)
The six dots can mean six mesopotanian sages, wise men, the six star constellation Pleides and gods in Sumerian Trading Seals and in ancient Hindu religion of the Indus Trading valley regions. Vashishtha, the chief of the Seven Sages and ancient aboriginal writing using six dots to mean tribe.

The Rhino is only drawn in half measures this can suggest survival in regards to Reindeer with there heads above the water line drawn swimming towards
the Eaglehead sorcerer priest chamber from a flood. Dung in some cultures mean End and Death for example. The Egyptian dung Beetles in the King's tomb's means Death and Re Birth.

The inaccessibility of the pit reached originally perhaps by sliding down a rope adds much to the strangeness of something very secret and deeply significant: while the scatter of lamps and spears at the bottom of the pit tells us how often it was visited.

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The un lucky number 13 at the end of the Lascaux cave 20,000 BCE.

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