The electoral process is both a smokescreen devised to hide the real power behind the illusion of democracy of pass the baton hierarch to place the masses under 1. Then all the alien needs to do is manipulated this shit or cunt on the people with human shells OR containers with "All Seeing Eyes" and Talking Heads and with 6,000 year use of Jewry (the Jerwy calender to date).

The alien dark forces know all their frequency horror-scope to put against the people and when the public revolt they look for their next elite pyramid for your daily survival and theres.
The alien hidden secret forces in the white coller military: CIA, MI5, MI6, KGB and other secret services like in Arabia which are so secret they don't even have a name.

This past the baton king pin or cunt who has never done a real job in his life or her and could not even run a sweet shop let alone an economy puts together his devoted around them with the prerogative program to cause the sameo, sameo manipulated 6,000 year history of conflict and wars which altrnative anagram wars spells mars and rams to easily slaughter people under this king pin just take a look around the world to find which cunt the people are pissed off with and tv coverage showing this cunt is doing everything as planed with men, women and children being desolate and pissed off.

These king pin bucking rams and hand driven puppets are placed all over the wor-ld for fated conflicts and deaths to stagnate cull the planet and to make sure they kill the awake and aware and when this priest-hood elected hierarch or elitists has been removed by the people for there solution it will get Hi-Jacked and replaced back to control of the 1. Lots money is needed for this alien (corrupt) planet.

So watch out for your car brakes you might end up being a next bunch of flowers at a street corner and there watchers seeing going down your intestines and out your backside of poisoned cement mix foods to harden your heart along with frequency based drinks or drugs to kill you rather than to cure you backed up by civilian army the migrants from Europe, Russia, Asia, Near/Far East, Africa and mindless religious flocks out of touch with reality with their camera and text phone for death surveillance and not forgetting corrupt sellouts.

If you find you have a new next door neighbor and locals in your area been heart attacked for making way for the replaced possessed avatars to Mare you from sfx human containers like in Henry Fuseli picture below regarding the Alien felt presence.

Sleep paralysis

Don't be confused that warfare is humans killing each other with guns there invisible alien warfare is POISON Just go along your local uk supermarket you might see dumped filled up food trolleys used to psychologically encourage to buy there poison shit along with the use climate change outside and inside your home especially when you go asleep and the next cancer diseases like black rat death which cut back the population to 60% percent and according to A. J. Hilder will be up dated to 80% percent.

Saying something which is natural freedom and saying you have to have a piece of paper to have freedom should be absurd it’s like telling a bird it has freedom to fly and from whom the alien run Jewry, security services, secret societies, police, military their hierarch fuckhead the mindless religious flock cults of abrahamic religions Judeo-Christians, Muslims, Jews all crying out for war when the brain less minds are told.

And so where do the foreign religious extremist get there weapons from? since they don't manufacture weapons and no weapons means no war and the excuse to Fuck People Over.

And yet it seems years of spending billions on soldiers cannot defeat the religious mindless fanatics.

Note alien TRICK Archaic word: (A) Theist is the belief in the existence of God that has been revealed to them like (A) Christian is the belief in existence of God and the teachings of Jesus Christ,
instead of using plain English being NOT Religious or ANTi-Religious. Therefore the word Atheist is a trick word to trap back those in God mindless thinking.

Aliens have the Godly rights to slaughter their mindless temple herds when time to Cash in.

Humans are just like programs with right-wing or left-wing programming or with switches to change from left to right or right to left. There are human with two-face programming, there are programs to see others with nothing and how many people do you know with this software trait. Hierarch examples: Margaret Thatcher selling of everything, Gordon Brown gold . David Cameron burning books by wanting to close down public libraries and left / right Tony Blair with 3 million? a year from his Jewry back pocket corruption donation payments in his private government top desk draw at number 10 downing street for hidden hands governance to create the sameo war to loot money out the back doors from their well crafted ancient middle east/ASIATIC system.

Jewry has been kicked out of so many countries but quickly deleted from the history books even in times before Roman and even England had to have the Statute of the JEWRY 1300 to prevent its people from getting too fucked over.

Having people based under 1 hierarch PUPPET and calling this democracy is just plain TRICKERY and BULLSHIT.
The alien cosmic PUPPET controllers and their agents plug home in every media and every facet of this so called pass the hierarch baton shit as being natural as to keep the temple herd under one roof like for the kids game " Simon Say's Put Your Hands On Your Head " And All The Cattle Follow. There's never been democracy on this planet earth? apart from in ants colonies.

Modern Democracy should be concerned people thinkers, professionals in quality of fields putting forward their proposals and getting them scrutinized, approved, tested and administered if changes needs be and not dominated by one party or one individual mind set but as a party of thinkers showing true representation in the House of Commons and kick out those if they amount to alien led bullshit or programmed extremism of far right misery.

From psychology hearing democracy so much the stupid start talking about how lucky I am living in a democracy when in truth you never have been in 1.

The alien dark forces and their controlled Jewry media and anaesthetized dead as shleep public are made not to challenge their program deceptive world.

The alien cosmic's have there people behind every facet of your life even down to your so called family, friends and neighborhood you name it there be in it and ready to "Fuck You Over".

As Morpheus from the REAL SCI-FI film Matrix would say to change the human being to a plugged in dura cell battery have you felt the Alien FORCE? For human sfx beaming machines pushing away untamed forces like wild bison’s and not forgetting Darth Vader's Words “May The Force Be With You”

So is their chosen one gifted shit easily prompted by the deceptive specialists, trained to talk convincing bull-shit has great arrogance, self-centred egoist only me and fuck the rest can show good morals on the surface but pointless, two-faced, religious minded with gullible mumbo jumbo in out of touch with reality, reckless who can boast of public cuts while the starved cannot see sod all but leaving their heads just above water line whilst the treasury is looted from the back doors after the people have been left to fatten for 6 years and sheared again from planed out wor MESS.

As for modern day banks giving themselves $ 500 million dollars pay out deals some getting 5 time this by doing a GOOD Job of getting rid of money and now the Jewry use their shit puppet hierarch to loot out the treasury in there private pockets.

or whatever updates like the Euro crises for more out the back door payments from bailouts. E.g. Ireland and all over the world bank robbing's and fleecing's since lots and lots of CASH is needed for alien control corrupt planet.

Bankers deliberately increasing house holder’s interest rates knowingly soon well they won’t be able to keep up with slave payments to their owners.
(Michael Moore news vid NFO 05:24 ) thus them getting the house and all that that money you have been pumping in there banks after being encourage to buy and now the banks start crying out threatening bankruptcy trump card and now latched on money leaches and who are these individual private Banker’s the Eagle-Headed Mr Barclay's? The Black Horse Mr Lloyd's? and The Mr Northern Rock? etc.

Billion pounds bank pay-out bonuses against countries revenue. Jewry Ref: Jewatch individual Jewish Billionaires.

There's never enough public money for modern futuristic development in innovation, science, technology, space travel. Back in the 1970's some stated in the 21st century we be flying around like Buck Rogers or should I say
Blade Runner instead of a watching a pointless white placard holder stating to one demon-cratic hierarch don't close down Education, Housing, Healthcare, The Arts and Sciences to in rich civilization -Then again it seems Judeo-churches seem to be growing well increased faith schools these new updated churches to hijack the kids minds like in the back in Henry VIII time of monasteries Littered the British country-sides which were so pandemic many had to be shut down and stop people handing over all their wealth to the priest-hood in order to go to heaven.

There's more stupid mind control church dominations than there are pubs to get away from it all then again lager and beer prices keeps on going up to get the human flocks back into holy communion drink ups like the hay days when the holy roman population went down from 1,000,000 (million) to 20,000 (thousand) from un traced poisoning once the church cult became state power and don't you worry the alien shells will make sure there be a drink and a church near you to celebrate their planed harvest.

And so where do these mind control churches get their money from and up keep? it can’t just be the soft spoken priest vulture with baby soft hands who never done a hard day’s work in his life who own most of the land and property on the planet earth and being very supportive at your hospital bed side waiting to get his hands on your will or may be its just savings from the hay-days when they X off the converted Romans, Celts, Gaul’s, Meso-Americans or is it the 10% of people earnings especially from celebrities no wonder there no much shit on tv, movies and music, real talent have been booted out for religious donators.
UK Businesses might even have to provide a pray room for calling on god Allah but at least now (I think) you can opt out of a compulsory brain drain cults since they know when you got the pure ignorance of the kid you later RAM this planned goat in wor.

This above 6000 year image of rule shows how hidden beneath Jewry workings go (probably stands today with Americas Hawk Henry Kissenger) holding up its supported braced up ASIAC Shepard & Fish Lord Deity with his human appointed weapon.

The hidden start cutting public services for takeover for the private embezzling sectors to get their billion of pounds from the treasury since now there is more money to get their greedy hands on from public cuts
Education in with 1 million and out with many public Millions and small bankrupt banks like Northern Rock a bank I never even heard of that can squander money and the hierarch SHITS over
£ 59,000,000,000 (billion) to them out the treasury shearing the public once again. Its like giving the whole of the British population of 63,000,000 a million pound. It's just another means of robbing the country and give the unfortunate back some loose change for cover ( Guardian unlimited, analysis figure @ 44 Billion ).

There's no such thing as poverty in a modern day society money represents innovation like turning iron ore in to something useful like planes, cars, ships, computers, hi fi , tv’s or whatever technology or food production like in the days of grain and butter mountains. That's a thought why is food getting so expensive and these foods stores making billion pound profits so what happen to the days when a supermarket owner made millions which was look upon as a good profit and was financially set up for life,
Jewry food stores like St Marks, Saintburied and Yesgo (for there Olympic Games) which made
2,0000,0000,000 (billion) last year & leaving a lot of people to eat there poison crap for 80 percent population reduction soon many people are just brought down to paid existence and an Energy Bill.

The alien MES of wars and JewArab Protocols. and THE MAKING OF THE POOR with their head’s above the water line.

Seeing sell offs of all British companies now all foreign to feed the economy ; steel, water, electricity, gas, telecom, public cuts of teachers with larger class sizes for under achieving backwardness, aerospace, concord that modern elegant flying machine what turned heads when it flew the skies, now made redundant, postal service, building trades etc. money in people’s pockets to spend and feed their local and National Economy for growth now getting TRASHED from with 30 going on years of nothing.

The bait of this demon-cratic annoying SHIT creates the deception as a means to better peoples lives and yet seeing in recession more and more millionaires or billionaires that can spend more on high inflated priced goods no wonder its reflected in uk elections with many non turn outs of people voting by not voting leaving the ignorant and the Alien Tokens.

There was even a notion to try and force people to vote for the hierarch bullshit, people want something REAL for example have Education, Health, Housing, Commerce, Science, Engineering, Agriculture, Transport ,Employment etc, representatives in the UK House of Commons.

Therefore if Education spokes people want more money for computers let them argue there case for it. If the police spokes people want more man power let them argue there case. If housing spoke person what's more money to build more housing let them argue there case for it. If the conservatives party chosen SHIT Margaret Thatcher want's one hospital for the whole of London and privities the police force (YEAR REF.1990) let her argue her case for it. If the Labour party chosen SHIT Tory Blair and his Talking God head wants war let them both argue the case for it. If the Looney Party and the Fancy Dress Party wants a policy to use a smaller font size to automatically reduce the unemployment let them argue there case.

Bob Crow

It now seems (2015 update) there is a possibility of this form SOLUTION of government by trade unions where you would know what your voting for since nurses unions are not going to close down hospitals put themselves out of work, on low pay, work longer hours, do the job of three and when you close down hospital there's no work for new doctors, surgeons, admin staff and outside traders like electricians and builders to service hospitals. If trade unions get in power you wont see degree students flipping burgers in Mac Donalds or doing pointless jobs like filling shelves in super markets. Its far cheaper for the right-wing mind set to put someone on £65 pw job seekers allowance or employ cheaper work abroad than pay someone say min £350 pw which is far cheaper than £1500 pw with all expenses paid to a pointless prime ministers and his cronies from just pen pushing.

This pyramid system of enormous governance given to 1 shit in the uk Number 10 Downing St or anywhere else in the international world should be put in earth history Con books and TRASHED or otherwise you’re going to get the sameo SHIT or CUNT where people revolt to get rid off creating violent scenario and deaths through out the world.

Democracy should be concerned public thinkers, representatives and professionals in quality of fields putting forward proposals and getting them scrutinized, approved, tested and administered if changes is needed and not dominated by one party or one individual but as a true representatives of its population concerns in the House of Commons and kick out those alien led bullshit or human program right-wing extremism and ancient Jewry.

With a safety elected second chamber of professionals with experience quality in fields like in the parliament without the given heredity hand-outs for globalize corruption for non-elected person's with wealth donations and given powerful un elected post in that country with cronyism to influence that country from hidden Jewry agendas.

Any head leader should only be just a party spokesman or plain speaker chosen for a particular, day, week, month or year since it's the Alien controlled GLOBALISED pyramid system for fish Netting people on this planet earth otherwise without it would be very hard to pursue their fated wor-led alien games.

Long gone the days of cutting the head off a destructive chosen 1 policies becomes that countries and other's harmful destruction but there are those who are still trying to put a hidden hands shit on trial for the unnecessary deaths of hundreds of thousands human Iraqi civilians - 650, 000, nearing one million will Tony Bliar" be on trial for war crimes at international tribunal hosted in Malaysia" Source The insider or trailed for TREASON

So now the British 63 million population and their voted elected representatives are now fish tinned to one FuckHead and his devotees and the Jewry media get into action of support this prehistoric bullshit of hierarch PUPPET rule.


Public representative, member of the public or groups (first come first served %) ) put in their proposal or a bill of changes in Education, Heath, Commerce, Policing or whatever department of interest in the House of Commons Online system of debates and voted on in REFERENDOM. As like UK people voting to come out of Europe and stop say repeating billions of pound going to countries like Greece where there told they can get there money back by tourism.



Prehistoric cave bullshit system for a elevated demon-cratic SHIT and tribal stupid's.



In the beginning Athens - The Truth about Democracy "


From the Ch4 program" Athens - The Truth about Democracy " and where the term started.
Athenian Democracy seemed okay , if it wasn't for sameO SETUP intervention and distraction of internal and foreign military warfare and its god questioning death penalty of the thinking brain as one of the senate members soon found out.

Athenian direct democracy was transparent, face to face , every adult Athenian citizen was a politician; he could propose motions, vote in the assembly - rule and be ruled in turn.

Voting in Athens took place on a hill opposite the Acropolis. Any citizen could attend, and a vote of the assembly, which - could consist of up to 6000 people - was law.

500 ordinary citizen , like the voted selected public citizens in the uk House of Commons met each day, there job to prepare the agenda for the assembly.

had no single manipulated led individual but ordinary citizens chosen at random for a term of 1 month , they would be put up at state expense, in the circular auditorium ,next door the council chamber

and the law courts were separate.




Alternative public
Common's Control Government and Parliament


  • Consist of elected house of members.
  • There is no separate king cabinet government
  • No head of government, king, prime minister, president, mayor, executive, general, chief, priest or new age guru just elected public representing speakers.
  • Plain speakers are the public elected members,
    individual's and parties as equal as in British Common Law.
  • Members and individual's proposals are put forward, scrutinized, debated, tested and voted on approval.
  • A second safety parliament chamber of professional experts and specialist members.
  • 21st century modern voting technology with protected security from vote rigging .
  • Statute protection against ancient Jewry updated from the out dated statute of the JEWRY 1300

From BBC2 Program 2010 " Power To The People " .




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