Gullible, stupid and the mindless who are out of touch with REALITY &
Alien led.

Alien led haven't changed much for more than 15,000 years regarding to a Lascaux cave painting in France.

According to Jewish Law if a persons mother is Jewish then that person is automatically Jewish regardless of the farther's ethnicity or religion.

According to Jewish Rabbis if someone believes in their faith is a Jew so theoretically speaking (Judeo) Christians and Muslims are Jews because their swwsed link to Abraham the 1st Jew

Jews are an Alien run property on planet Earth and the majority of Jews don’t know what’s going on and those who do are afraid to speak out and are placed like human manipolated rats around the world.


The Turkish St George Flag

Judeo-Christian Cross associated with the dead man on a cross around their throats The cross sign done by the priest-hood on baby's heads at baptism for fated sins graves, last supper and holy communion and church representing cattle banks.

Noah receiving of God satanic authorization assination of people's and in law of the Talmud stating NON Jews are animals and should be killed.

Abram known as the first Hebrew and the farther of the Abrahmic religion's the perverted God Mind Control of straying the mind from the norm.
Abraham is from Southern Iraq of Ur of the sumerians who likely came from Asiatic region of Northern Iran e.g: Armenia.

Abrahmic Mind Control , virtually every-one in the west and east world was forced under this priest-hood God mind control and still in many countries the consequences of death by hanging or beheading if you think its stupid.

Abrahmic religions: Judaism, Judaeo-Christainality, Islam due to the ancestral origin of Abrams- seed.

His 1st son Ismael for Arabs and his 2nd son Isaac for the Jews and Christianality therefore Ishmael and Isaac are blood-brothers

Indian Hindu religion, Brahman can be classed as Abramhic it was created before the abramhic faith and could even be the foundings of the abramhic faith since some of its stories are like the ancient faith of the sumerians over 4000 years ago which is very similar. Brahma name cunningly spell Abram also Brahman is a breed of Indian cattle.











Abraham , Lincoln

Abraham Lincoln president of USA

Theodor Roosevelt president
Harry. S .Trumen president
Dwight. D.Eisenhower president
Lynden. Johnson president
Ronald Ragan Jr
William Jefferson Blythe Clinton president

USA Jewry

Clintons Jewarab Administration for 1997
John Deutsch - Former C I A Director
Samuel Berger - Chair. National Security Council
David W.Carey, CIA Executive Director
Geoge Tenet,CIA Chief
Louis Freech,CIA FBI Chief
Dr. Ruth David, CIA Deputy Science & Techology
Jim Steinberg, Deputy to National Security
Samuel Lewis,National Security Council
Stanley Rose,National Security Council
Juith Feder,National Security Council
Rahm Emanuel Policy Advisor
Karen Adler, Director of State Policy
Jane Sherburne, President's Lawyer
Jeff Eller, Special Assistant, to Clinton
Doug Sosnik, Counsel to President
Dan Glickman, Secretary of Defense
Gene Sperling, National Economic Council
Mary Grunwald, Liason to Jew Leaders
Jay Footlik, Special Liason to the Jewish Comunity
Steve Kessler, White House Council
Arthur Burns - Former Chairman Of The Fed Reserve
Robert Rubin, Secretary of Tresury
William Cohen, Secretary of Treasury
Alice Rivlin, Economic Advisory
Joel Klein, Asst, Attorney General
Tom Epstein, Health Care Advisor
David Kusnet, Dept. AIDs Program
Hershel Gober, Food and Drug Admin.
Ira Magaziner, National Health Care
Ron Klien, Asst. Secy. Education
Madeleine Albright, Secretary of State
Peter Tarnoff, Deputy Secretary of State
Fiorello La Guardia, New York mayor USA

Henry Kissinger US Secretary of State said to be the man controlling american (Mess) policy from pre1969 to present day. The untouchable US mind controlling expert and Mass Murder e.g :Vietnam, Cambodia, Chile, East Timor, Argentina, Iran, Bangladesh, Jamaica, Rwanda, Iraq, Bosni. They say when he comes into your country its time to go on holiday because all hell normally follows the moment he leaves.

Christopher Columbus


Simone Veil, French ruling president of the European Parliament
Laurent Fabius,prime minister of Franch
Pierre Mendès- prime minister of Franch
Léon Blum,minister of Franch
Michel Debré,prime minister of Franch
Laurent Fabius, prime minister of Franch
René Mayer, prime minister of Franch
Pierre Mendès, prime minister of Franch
Jack Lang, prime minister of Franch
Robert Badinter, Justice minister of Franch
Adolphe Crémieux, Justice ministerial of Franch
Georges Mandel, Interior ministerial Franch



Lenin ruler of Russia
Boruh Yeltsin- president of Russia
Mikhail Gorbachev president of Russia
Leon Trotsky head of red army Russia
Yuri Andropov dictater of Russia
Sergei Kiriyenko, presidential of Russia
Lev Kamenev, triumvirate of Russia
Grigory Zinoviev, triumvirate of Russia
Yona Yakr: member of the Central Committee.
Paul Zhemchuzina: member of the Central Committee
Maxim Wallach Litvinov: Foreign Minister.
Solomon Lozovsky: deputy foreign minister.
Molotov. Foreign minister
Felix Dzersinskij - Founder of the KGB
Julius Martov directer of the KGB,
Yuri Andropov: Director,KGB,
K.V.Pauker: Chief Soviet NKVD Secret Police.
Genrikh Yagoda: Chief of Secret Police,
Jacob Yurovsky: Commander, Secret Police.
Shpiegelglas: Commander, Secret Police.
M.I.Gay: Commander, Secret Police.
Slutsky ;Commander, Secret Police
Boris Berman: Executive Officer Secret Police
Grigory Apfelbaum executive secret police
Grigory Zinoviev: Executive Secret Police.
Isaac Babel: Officer, Secret Police
Olga Bronstein: Officer, Secret Police,
Leiba Lazarevich Feldbin Secret Police.



William the Conquer Supreme King of England,
Notion born a basterd mother was a daughter of a tanner Herleva
know for noting down the value of everything the british people owned money, land, landowners, tenants, servants, cattle, sheep even down a peasents table. Ducumented in a book called Domesday.

David Douglas, William the Conqueror (1964); see especially Appendix A
, "The birth of William the Conqueror, and the connexions of Herleve"
Elisabeth M.C. van Houts, 'The Origins of Herleva, Mother of William the Conqueror',
English Historical Review, vol. 101, pp. 309-404

Benjamin Disraeli ruling prime minister of UK
Michael Howard, ruling leader of the British Conservative Party Uk
Nigel Lawson, Tory Chancellor of the Exchequer Uk
Jack Straw, British Foreign Secretary Uk
Leon Brittan, British Cabinet minister Uk
Roy Hattersley Labour cabinet
Peter Mandelson, Labour cabinet minister, European Commissioner Uk
Malcolm Rifkind, British Foreign Secretary Uk
Edwina Currie, Tory cabinet minister Uk
Sir Malcolm Rifkind, Tory cabinet minister Uk
Margaret Hodge, Labour minister Uk
Manny Shinwell, Labour cabinet minister & chairman Uk
Sir Gerald Kaufman, Labour cabinet minister Uk
Keith Joseph, British Cabinet Minister Uk
Leslie Hore-Belisha, Liberal Secretary of State for War Uk
Oona King, Labour MP (Jewish mother) Uk
Keith Joseph, Baron Joseph, Tory cabinet minister Uk
Rufus Isaacs, , Liberal cabinet minister & Viceroy of India Uk
Herbert Samuel, 1st Viscount Samuel, Liberal cabinet minister & leader Uk
Sidney Silverman, Labour MP, introduced Bill to abolish death penalty Uk
Jules Moch, Transport Minister , Interior Minister , Defense Minister (1950-1)


Adolf Hitler

German Jewish Ancestry Exposed in the Warburg document
"New York Times, November 24, 1933, page 14, column 2,

Kurt Eisner, Bavarian prime minister
Eugen Levine, Bavarian prime minister
Rudolf Hilferding, finance minister
Walter Rathenau, German Foreign Minister

Luigi Luzzatti, prime minister of Italy
Daniele Manin, President of the Venetian republic Italy


Dave Barrett president of british Columbia Canada
Bob Rae, president of Ontario Canada
Bill Davis - former premier of ONTARIO, CANADA
Herb Gray, Deputy prime ministerial of Canada
Herb Gray - Canadian Deputy prime minister
Sam Katz, mayor of Winnipeg Canada
Mel Lastman, mayor of Toronto Canada



Camille Gutt,finance minister head of the IMF
International Monetary Fund

Paul Hymans liberal leader president of the League of Nations

GOL Jean, belguim vice primer minister
Lt-General Louis Bernheim, WWI General ?



Andrey Lukanov prime ministerial of croatia
Bozhkov vice-premier of croatia
Solomon Passy, foreign minister of croatia



Ricardo Maduro, president of Mexico (2002)
Juan Lindo, president of Mexico



Jorge Sampaio president of Portugues



Petre Roman, prime minister of Romania



Julius Vogel, prime minister of New Zealand Sir Francis Henry Dillon Bell, ruling prime minister of New Zealand
James Bolger - prime minister of New Zealan ***



Eric Arturo Delvalle, ruling president of Peru (1987)



Ricardo Maduro,president of Hondurus



Janet Jagan, president of Guyana (1997-99)



Ivan Shishman, Tsar supreme ruler of croatia



Kurt Eisner first prime minister to Bavaria



Jorge Sampaio,president of portugal



Bruno Kreisky -- former Austrian leader



Hersh Tzinowitz --ruling leader in India after WWII



Ronnie Kasrils - South Africa Deputy Defense Minister


CUBA Jewry 

Fidel Casto- ruling president
Che - ruling military leader



Jack F.R. Jacob, Indian general & politician



David Saul Marshall, Chief Minister of Singapore Alexander Bozhkov, vice-premier
Andrey Lukanov, ruling prime minister
Solomon Passy, foreign minister
Ivan Shishman, czar (1371-1393)


30% to 40% Major Bussiness Control Jewry

Jewish US Governmential Federal Reserve Bank.
Jack Cohen, founder of Tesco, food Stores
Sainsbury Family, Britain, Sainsbury foods stores
Michael Marks, co-founder of Marks & Spencer food stores
Theodore,Waite ,Gateway
Anita Roddick, Bodyshop owner
Philip Green, owner of Bhs,
Lewis Joseph, John Lewis
Edwin Lowe, inventor of Bingo,
Joseph Malin, founder of the first fish and chips shop
O'Reilly Anthony,Heinz
Malone Dorrance Campbell soap
John,Mars, Mars CandyWilliam
Wrigley,Wigley gum Chris Blackwell,
Kamprad, Ingvar, Stanley Kalms, founder of Dixons
Levi Strauss, clothing manufacturer
Stephen Marks, founder of FCUK
Vidal Sassoon, hair stylist Calvin Klein,
fashion designer Estée Lauder,cosmeticist
Kroc, Beverly ,Mcdonald's Phillip Kaye, founder of Garfunkel's
founder of Island Records Jamaica
inventor of Barbie, Kristian,
Kjeld kirk Denmark Lego
Rose & Morris Michtom, inventors of the teddy bear Marcus Samuel, founder of Shell Oil
Carl Djerassi, developer of the oral contraceptive pill
John Hertz, founder of Yellow Cab
Morris Markin, founder of Checker Cabs
Software & Internet USA
Sergey Brin, co-founder of Google
David,Filo, Yahoo
Pierre,Omidyar, EBAY.
Jeffrey ,Bezos,Amazon.
Larry Ellison, founder of Oracle
Beny Alagem, founder of Packard Bell
Michael Dell, founder of Dell,
Alan Sugar, founder of Amstrad
Jack Tramiel, founder of Commodore International
Hewlett, William Redington, Hewlett-Packard
Arthur Rock, hi-tech venture capitalist (Intel, Apple)
Ben Rosen, hi-tech venture capitalist (Compaq, Lotus)
Donna Dubinsky, co-founder of Palm Computing
Jef Raskin, interface designer for Apple Macintosh
Sandy Lerner, co-founder of Cisco Systems
David Rosen, founder of SEGA (unconfirmed)
Ralph Baer, inventor of the games console
Camillo Olivetti, founder of Olivetti typewriters
Von Siemans family, Siemans Bosh family, Bosh
Bill Gates the world richest man in 1999 worth $90 billion ,
Microsoft Galvin William USA, Motorola
Andrew Grove, co-founder of Intel
Andy Hertzfeld, programmer on Mac OS
Mitch Kapor, founder of Lotus Software,
Jonathan Sachs, chief programmer on Lotus
Raymond Kurzweil, artificial intelligence software
Richard Stallman, programmer of Emacs,
Harry, Albert, Sam & Jack Warner, founders of Warner Brothers
Jack & Harry Cohn, co-founders of Columbia Pictures
Marcus Loew, Sam Goldwyn, Louis
B. Mayer, co-founders of MGM
Carl Laemmle, founder of Universal Studios
Adolph Zukor, founder of Paramount Pictures
William Fox, Joseph Schenk, co-founders of 20th Century Fox
Michael Eisner, head of Disney
Isaac Larian, founder of MGA Entertainment
Sumner Redstone, head of Viacom
Robert Shaye, founder of New Line Cinema
Steven Spielberg, Jeffrey Katzenberg, David Geffen, founders of Dreamworks
SKG Bob & Harvey Weinstein,
founders of Miram William S. Paley, head of CBS
David Sarnoff, head of RCA Leonard
Goldenson, head of ABC Steve Ballmer,
CEO of Microsoft
Ford, William Ford Moter Car,
Quandt family, BMW Iech,
Ferdinard and family, Porche
Lauren , Ralph , Lauren
Zora Arkus-Duntov, father of the Chevrolet Corvette
Eccleston, Bernie, Eccleston F1 racing
André Citroën, founder of Citroën
Anselmo Mary PanAm
Richard Branson, Virgin Airlines,
Emmerson, Archie Sierra Pacific
Marcel Dassault, aerospace industrialist
Moller Maesk Mc-Kinney, shipping
Mel Ziegler, Pat Ziegler & Bill Rosenzweig, founders of Banana Republic
Joshua Haim & Jacob Raphael DeCordova, founders of the Jamaica Gleaner Ruth Handler,
Harry Marks, founder of the Financial Times
Adolph Ochs, former head of the New York Times
Katharine Graham, former head of the Washington Post
Robert Maxwell, media publishing mogul
Bennett Cerf, founder of Random House Albert Lasker,
advertising pioneer, founder of the Lasker Award
Hall Joyce Hallmark Cards
Maurcie & Charles Saatchi, advertising gurus
Martin Sorrell, advertising guru
Henry & Helal Hassenfeld, founders of Hasbro
Julius Rosenwald, head of Sears & Roebuck,
Max Levchin, founder of PayPal
Nathan Mayer Rothschild, financier & banker Rothschild
Family, Britain/ France, continuation holdings
George,Soros, money mangement
Paul Reuter, founder of Reuters
Guggenheim family, business leaders, Guggenheim museum
BarneyBarnato, diamond magnate Ernest & Harry Oppenheimer, diamond tycoons
Philippe Kahn, founder of Borland Jay,Walker,Priceline.com
Victor David Brenner, designer of the US penny Michael
Bloomberg, founder of Bloomberg, mayor of New York, Carlson,Leroy, USA
Trading Stamps Philip,
Knight, Nike
Stephen Rubin, founder of Pentland,
Reebok Joe,
Ralph & Avi Nakash, founders of Jordache
Benetton, Luciano , Benetton
Pierre Wertheimer, co-founder of Chanel
Roger W. Straus, Jr., co-founder of Farrar, Levi Straus
Marilyn & Yoram Anselm, founders of Hobbs
Ralph, David & Jacqueline Gold, founders of Ann Summers
Charles Lubin, founder of Sara
Lee Isador Straus, head of Macy's,
David May, founder of May Department Stores
Elizabeth Emanuel, fashion designer
Stella McCartney, fashion designer
Jacob, founder of the first European coffeehouse Howard Schultz, head of StarbucksSamuel
Bronfman, Seagrams Distilleries Edgar Bronfman, Sr., Seagrams DistilleriesHeineken,
Alfred, Heineken
founder of Danone
Landolt, Pierre and family,Pierre
Joseph Lyons et al, founders of J. Lyons and Co.
PhillipKaye, founder of Garfunkel's
Reuben Mattus, founder of Häagen-Dazs
Bill Rosenberg, founder of Dunkin' Donuts
Ben Cohen & Jerry Greenfield, founders of Ben & Jerry's
Milton Hershey, founder of Hershey Chocolate Company
Louis Auster, inventor of egg cream
Oscar Goldstein, inventor of Ronald McDonald Jez San, founder of Argonaut
David Goldman, founder of The Sage Group
Roman Abramovich, billionaire, owner of Chelsea FC
Boris Berezovsky, exiled ex-billionaire
Mikhail Fridman, billionaire
Vladimir Gusinsky, exiled former media tycoon
Mikhail Khodorkovsky Bob Marley, singer, songwriter
Eli Matalon, politician & mayor of Kingston Adm.
Guggenheim family, Guggenheim museum USA
Isaac & Bernard Gimbel, founders of Gimbel's famous jews
Paul Warburg American banker,
Federal Reserve founder and board member
Alan Greenspan chairman of the American Federal Reserve
Mayer Amschel Rothschild ,German banker, first of the Rothschild family
Max Warburg (1867-1946), German banker
Henry Kravis, American financier
George Soros, Hungarian billionaire
Roman Abramovich, Russian billionaire
Boris Berezovsky, Russian billionaire
Mikhail Fridman, Russian billionaire
Vladimir Gusinsky, Russian billionaire
Mikhail Khodorkovsky, Russian oligarch
Victor Vekselberg, Russian billionaire
Sidney Reilly - (Sigmund Rosenberg) Famous(!) English Secret Agent - the REAL James Bond!
Bond Organization
Ernest Oppenheimer, diamond tycoon
Emil Rathenau, founder of AEG
Paul Reuter, founder of Reuters
Mayer Amschel Rothschild and family, financiers & bankers



Alan Yentob

Governors of the BBC, who include former president David Scholey,
Sir Kenneth Bloomfield and Janet Cohen.
Holders of important Sarah Frank,BBC managerial posts
Keith Samuel, Chief Executive of BBC Worldwide Americas;
Controller of Publicity and Public Relations,
David Aaronovitch, who is Managing Editor of the BBC's weekly
programmes. Anne Sloman is Deputy Head of BBC News Programmes;
Ruth Caleb is the Head of Drama,
Louis Marks has been Producer of Drama since 1976.
Tony Kay Commercial Director at BBC Worldwide TV
is responsible for deals with American networks such as NBC.
Adam Singer International Director of US cable operator TCI,
Aubrey Singer - has also been responsible for deals between the
BBC and TCI's British subsidiary Flextech.
Jon Plowman Head of BBC Comedy Entertainment is
Rod Natkiel, Head of Network TV at BBC Midlands and East,
Roy Saatchi, Head of Local Programmes at BBC North
Geoffrey Goodman, who broadcasts on BBC Current Affairs and LBC/IRN-
Joshua Rosenberg. BBC TV's legal correspondent
Naomi Goldman is not only a Producer on Newsnight.
Lisa Jardine.Another militant Zionist in BBC is writer and broadcaster

 Channel 4 Jewry 
The Chief Executive of Channel 4 is Michael Grade,
Grade previously Controlled LWT and BBC l and 2. director of First Leisure Entertainment
includes 300 cinemas, eight theatres, hotels, restaurants and record divisions.
Lew Grade is still Chairman of The Grade Co. and a directorof Euro-Disney.
Channel 4 boss Michael Grade with his TV mogul uncle Lew
Colin Leventhal. Managing Director of Channel Four
David Aukin Head of Drama,
Peter Ansorge Editor for Drama
Sara Nathan : Channel Four News, Editor since March 1996
Gabi Roslin of the Big Breakfast.



Jude Goffee is ITV Director
Eve Salomon. is ITV Advertising officer
Marcus Plantin: is The Network Director of ITV
Claudia Rosencrantz as ITV ' s Controller of Entertainment
Two ITV franchises Anglia and Meridian
5 per cent stake in ITN
29 per cent stake in Channel Five.
United News Michael Eisner's Disney empire
your TV, radio, newspapers, house,
books, music, holidays, theme park thrills and films (and, as a consequence, shapes your political opinions).
Lord Hollick - plays a big role in ITV
Time Warner Inc.
Gerald Levin, is Time warner's Chairman
Graham Creelman is Anglia's Director of Programmes
Stephen Grabiner headed by Chief Executive United News section
Robert Elias is Programme Editor of News at Ten ,
ITN's influential news coverage Charles Golding has the power to decide what gets air time at LBC with its other Controller of Programmes, Carlton Communications
Carlton is a major force in the ITN network with assets including Carlton TV
Michael Green,Carlton's Chairman & ,Director of Independent Television
has 20 per cent stake in ITN
50 per cent stake in London News Network assets in the Asian sub-continent. News,
Central Independent Television GMTV.
TV´s Michael Green


Carlton's head of sponsorship is David Prosser,
Richard Simons is Head of Features,
Managing Director of Carlton Select, the former Selec Cable TV Channel
recently bought up by Carlton is Janet Goldsmith.
The latest acquisition in Carlton's is Westcountry Television one of the last privately owned ITV franchises.

 Granada Group Jewry 
Granada Group owns two ITV franchises:
Granada TV and London Weekend Television.
It also has a 20 per cent stake in ITN and Yorkshire TyneTees TV
(with Lazards Merchant Bank); a half-share in London News Network,
and an 11 per cent stake in BSkyB, in partnership with Granada Sky Broadcasting (GSkyB) Granada was founded by Sidney and Cecil Bernstein. Alexander Bernstein was the long-standing Chairman and influence. The newly created Granada Media Group (GMG)
Duncan Lewis
Chief Executive of the Granada Media Group;
Chief Executive of Granada TV,Chief Executive of London Weekend Television.
Lewis formerly marketing director at BT,
Lewis 1996 head of MercuryCommunications
According to the Evening Standard of 22.5.96, seeking to take over Mercury.
He is backed by Warburg Pincus, the "American" investor in the British Cable
and television industry including Channel Five .
Chief Executive of the Granada Group, Duncan Lewis
Steve Morrison.is the Chief Operating Officer of GMG;
Deputy Chief Executive of Granada TV,
Managing Director of LWT and Head of Granada's sales operation Laser.
Morrison was Director of Programmes and Managing Director of Granada TV.
Kate Stross ;Commercial Director at LWT and GMTV .
Simon Shaps is .Controller of Regional Programmes at LWT
Granada launched British Independent Television Enterprises (BRITE),
which involved Granada TV, LWT and Yorkshire Tyne Tees TV.
Nadine Nohr;The Managing Director of Granada TV, LWT and Yorkshire Tyne Tees TV


Pearson TV

Pearson TV is another significant part of the ITV network owning as it does Thames Television.
Pearson TV is partly-owned by Lazards Bank a relationship with the third largest "American" megamedia group,Sumner Redstone's Viacom Inc.
Tony Cohen, Managing Director,of Pearson Broadcasting
Sir Paul Fox, a past Director controller of BBC 1 and Chairman of ITN from 1986 to 1988 also a Director of Satellite Information Services.
Pearson TV has a quarter-share in Channel Five 15 per cent stake in UK Gold,
Bruce Steinberg Chief Executive of UK Gold,
The global reach of the Pearson operation extends as far as TV India,
in which the company has a joint share in partnership with Carlton Communications
and the investment bank Schroders.

 Channel Five Jewry 
These include MAI, Pearson and the US-based Warburg Pincus.
Former BBC 1 Scheduler David Berg is now Controller of Planning and Organisation at C 5 while the controller of news, current affairs and documentaries is Tim Gardam. The real power at Channel 5
David Elstein: Chief Executive,
David Elstein, Chief Executive of Channel 5 Cable and Satellite Channels
cable and satellite TV James Ackerman Director of multichannel covetures.
head of Britain's second biggest satellite channel UK Gold,
former MTV high-flier Bruce Steinberg
Julian Aston is Managing Director of Channel OneLiz Laskowski Director of Box-Music TV,
Jeffrey Schlesinger is President of Warner Bros International Television.
Raymond Jaffe is the Director of Publicity and Promotion at Sky TV.
David Feingold is Executive Editor Reuters TV
David Kogan Managing Director of Reuters TV also oversees London Radio.
Malcolm Switzer is head of news gathering operation at Sky News
David Feingold is chief of the London bureau of Cable News International (CNN)-now part of Gerald Levin's Time Warner Corporation-
Randy Freedman the Managing Director of CNN International.
David Asper UKTV its owner, Asperl.UKTV
Can West Global Communications interests in Canada, Australia, New Zealand and Chile.
Yoni Cohen was appointed Vice President of Television and Broadcasting at PFI
in July 1996 Radio The single most powerful man in British radio
Michael (John) Green.is acting Manager of BBC Network Radio,
Jenny Abramsky, the former Editor of The World at One and Today,
Controller of Radio Five Live, 24-hour UK news,
BBC World, Ceefax, and Multimedia Services.
Caroline Raphael. Head of Drama at BBC Network Radio ,
Editor of Drama, and Youth Programmes on Radio 5.
46 per cent of Talk Radio UK is controlled by Peter Clark, owner of Media Ventures International.
Clark,Head of Talk Radio, media group CLT and Can West boss David Asper,
who owns 24.5 per cent of the company other interests include a 10 per cent stake in Teletext, ownership of Circle Communications Jewish Associated Newspapers group owns large chunks of the "independent" radio group GWR and Classic FM,
John Spearman as Chief Executive.
Tim Schoonmaker Chief Executive of EMAO Radio, Commercial radio in the North-East,
Roberta Aarons, who is Head of Production at SSVC which provides TV and Radio Services for the MOD.
Lynne Franks is the founder of Radio Viva, radio station.
Tony Stoller is Chief Executive of the Radio Authority,
Yvonne Kintoff is Managing Director of the Radio Advertising Clearing Centre.
Cinema, Music & Entertainment
Sidney Samuelson is head of the British Film Commission a trustee of BAFTA
(British Film and Television Arts) and Chairman of its management committee.
James Ferman As Chief Executive and Director of the British Board of Film Classification,
Jeremy Isaacs : former Channel Four boss ,Governor of the British Film Institute since 1979.
David Puttnam.: Chairman of the National Film and TV School,
Baron Joel Barnett, has been the Chairman of British Screen Finance Ltd since 1980,
Vice Chairman of the BBC Board of Governors from 1986 to 1993
Chrysalis Group Michael Pilsworth is the Chief Executive of Crysalis Visual Entertainme
Red Rooster Film & TV, and Watchmaker Productions.
David Puttnam is Chrysalis Director.
Chairman and Chief Executive at Columbia Pictures.
Chairman of International Television Enterprises Ltd
Chairman of the Enigma film company, which has close tieswith
Gerald Levin's Time Warner conglomorate and BSkyB.
Edgar Bronfman Jr. - owner of the massive MCA entertainment group and Universal Studios
PolygramThe President and Chief Executive Polygram global entertainment group is Alain Levy,
former head of CBS France Alain Levy: Polygram boss
David Hockman boss of Polygram International Music & Rap Label Def Jam
Rank Organisation plc.
Sir Leslie Fletcher is Chairman of the Rank Organisation,Odeon Cinema chain, Mecca Leisure,
the Hard Rock Cafe chain
J. Cohen is Managing Director of Rank Amusements Ltd &Pinewood Studios,
Rank has close ties with MCA, owns Universal Studios.
Edgar J. Bronfman. has MCA as part of Jr's Seagram Empire.
Steve Wolfe manage's the London-based MCA Records
Meir Malinsky is Senior Executive. of MCA Music Entertainment International


RCA Record Jewry 
Hugh Goldsmith is RCA's Managing Director
David Joseph is the RCA Head of Artistic Development ,
Nancy Farbman. is the RCA International Director
Sony Corporation
Paul Burger is the Chairman and Chief Executive of Sony Entertainment (UK),
includes the Sony record label.
Burger Chairman of "The Brit Awards"
Jonathan Sternberg: Senior Vice Presidents
Gerhard Blum and Sara Silver, Executives at Sony UK include


Thorn-EMI Jewry 
This is another one of the interlocked global media corporations with heavy Jewish involvement.
Sir Graham Day and H. Einsmann. are its Directors
Charles Diamont: is the Senior Vice President of EMI Music Worldwide
Michelle Burger is its Managing Director
Jeremy Silver is it's Vice President of EMl's International Media Division

 Warner Chappel Music Ltd Jewry 
The London-based music subsidiary Time-Warner Corporation,Managing Director -
R. Godfrey-Kess.
Less well-known companies
The Managing Directors of Vision Music
Entertainment and of record distributor Entertainment UK are
Alan Bellman, Dan Reedman and Richard Cowan.
Robert Earl is founder of President Entertainments and owner of the movie-theme restaurant

Planet Hollywood Jewry 
Earl was President of Hard Rock Cafe International
Mike Isaacson is chairman of ,Marshall's Communications Group
and Executive of its , Film Crest.
Tom Gutteridge runs Mentorn Films
Neil Zeiger heads Blue Heaven Productions
TMB, is headed by Alan Rich, Chairman and Chief Executive


The Ministry of Sound Jewry

"Rave" nightclub empire is run by
James Palumbo.
His Managing Director is
Mark Rodol
James Palumbo - junk music, junk politics
M&G Records boss, Michael Levy.


   U.K. Advertising Jewry 
The Sunday Times which was persuaded to break its contract with historian David Irving to translate its Goebbels Diaries extracts.
Japanese magazine Marco Polo was forced to close down by after carrying an article pointing out flaws in the "Six Million Gassed Jews" propaganda story.
The world's largest advertising and marketing group, WPP is based in London and headed by its multi-millionaire Chief Executive Martin Sorell formerly Advertising Director
Saatchi and Saatchi. Maurice Saatchi now runs the Megalomedia Group,
10 per cent stake in The Multimedia Corporation, the producer of CD Roms such as 3d Atlas, cybercafes and computer software.
Megalomedia owns the digital film and television studio FrameStore,
Charles and Maurice Saatchi

 Control of U.K. Publishing Jewry 

The Jewish presence in the press is not as all-pervading as it is in the broadcast media. But such is the cowardice of the vast majority of the intellectual prostitutes known as journalists that it seems that Organised Jewry is able to impose its line on the British press than in the case of television. Having said which, the
number of Jews in key positions in the tangled web of newspaper ownership and production is still out of all proportion to their numbers in the British population as a whole. The same can be said of publishing generally, with the additional factor that many publishing houses are owned by Jewish-owned companies based in the USA.

 The Press Jewry 
Associated Newspapers
As well as owning the Daily Mail and London Evening Standard,
Associated Newspapers has a one-fifth stake in the TV news company ITN, owns 20 per cent of the ITV company Westcountry TV, 14 per cent of Selec TV and nearly half of Teletext. One of Associated Newspapers´ major players Stewart Steven - real name Stefan Gustaf Cohen.
Steven was appointed Assistant Editor of the Daily Mail in 1972 director of Associated Newspapers Holdings Ltd,
Mail Newspapers plc.,
The Mail on Sunday.
Guy Zitter and Lawrence Sear the Managing Director's and Managing Editor of the
Daily Mail
Jonathan Holborrow. editor of Mail on Sunday
A study of a randomly chosen day's issue of The Mail suggests that Jews make up nearly a third of its journalists.
Middle East specialist Paul Harris, Geoffrey Levy, Richard Kay,
Jonathan Margolis, Sam Harris, Sarah Ebner and Gaby Hinsiff.
Stewart Steven of Associated Newspapers
Anne Applebaum is Associate Editor of the London Evening Standard,
as well as writing regularly for the Daily Mail and Sunday Telegraph.
Clive Wolman, founder and editor-in-chief of the weekly magazine London Financial News and formerly editor of the Mail on Sunday City edition.
Clive Wolman Former City Editor of the Mail on Sunday now runs the London Financial New The new magazine - aimed at stockbrokers, fundmanagers,
corporate financiers and traders - is distributed on the Internet by the on-line business information company, MAID, whose Chief Executive is Dan Wagner.A £ 500,000 launch campaign was conducted by publishing director Gary Stern - a Young Jewish Care leader - who also invested his own capital in the venture.
News Group International NGl's assets include the lion's share of BSkyB;
Twentieth Century Fox,
British Major News Papers;
The Sun,
News of the World;
The Times;
The Sunday Times,
The Times Literary and Educational Supplements.
Rupert Murdoch Its Chief Executive is usually regarded as a "mamzer Jew".
marriage to the daughter of a wealthy Jewish family, Elisabeth Joy Greene.
The family fortune enabled Murdoch Senior to buy himself a radio station
and two Adelaide newspapers When his father died and the young Murdoch returned to Australia to take over the two newspapers. Over the next three years Murdoch plonked down millions to buy newpapers and radio and TV stations all over Australia. By 1968 Murdoch's media empire was worth £ 46 million. His buying spree continued throughout the 1970s, as he set up in Britain and then the United States. With his move into satellite TV and film studios, the last few years have seen Murdoch establish his influence on a truly global scale, with assets of £ 14.3 billion.
Rupert Murdoch Jewry 
Harry Oppenheimer one of Murdoch's fantastically rich financial backers
Within a few years Murdoch was acting as the front-man for media buy-ups
This almost limitless financial backing is the real force behind Murdoch's mercurial rise to control, among his other media interests, a yearly newspaper circulation of 3.5 billion copies. Nor is Murdoch shy of using this enormous power to further his, and his backers' own political agenda.
Peter Chernin, who heads Murdoch's film studio and oversees his TV production
David Elstein, Head of Programming at BSkyB
until his recent promotion to the still more powerful post of Chief Executive of Channel 5
Sam Chisholm, Chief Executive of BSkyB
Raymond Jaffe is the Director of Publicity and Promotion at Sky TV.
A. A. Fischer,the Managing Director of The Sun and News of the World
William Newman and Stuart Kuttner Managing Editors of News of the World
Wendy Henry is Editor of the News of the World,
Melvyn Marckus. is the City Editor of the Times .
Telegraph Group
Conrad Black,the Chairman of The Telegraph plc .
his first wife Jewish, but so is his second, Barbara Amiel.
The Telegraph plc is in turn 82 per cent owned by the Hollinger Group,
on whose board sits international power-broker Henry Kissinger.
Hollinger also own the Spectator and no fewer than 230 major magazines
and newspapers in the United States.
Stephen Grabiner,Managing Director of TheTelegraph Newspapers
Dominic Lawson editer of The Sunday Telegraph
Rupert Hambro, Group Managing Director of J.O. Hambro Investment
Telegraph boss Stephen Grabiner


Mirror Group Jewry 

The Daily Mirror and Sunday Mirror
Bob Maxwell (real name, Hoch).looted his employees' pension fund
The Mirror Group, which is also a major shareholder in the Independent,
Robert Maxwell - Jewish media mogul
Other Publications Jewry 
A long-term key-player in the Observer Trust was the financial journalist,
publisher, and investment wheeler-dealer Sir Stephen (Harry) Waley-Cohen,
who was involved with the upper echelons of this heavyweight left-of-centre Sunday newspaper between 1976 and 1981.
The Observer is in the more discreet hands of the Guardian Group.
This holding company has directoral links with Hambros merchant bank,
whose Directors include Lord Hollick, whose United News and Media Group
owns 30 regional newspapers in South East England alone, as well as periodicals such as Exchange & Mart.
Hollick is reported as considering selling off his UPN South East operation
in order to concentrate on his regional newspapers in Yorkshire and the North West.
The Observer certainly presents no alternative to the prevailing bias of the rest of the media. Its "expert"' on "anti-Semitism" is Nick Cohen whose sloppy research cost the BBC huge libel action payouts a few years ago, is edited by Gerry Gable.


The Observer´s

Nick Cohen
1996 saw the launch of the UK's first all-financial Sunday paper, the Sunday Business.This was backed by American-based newswire owner Michael Bloomberg, with Tony Rubython as Editor.
Big Issue founded on the initiative of Bodyshop owner Anita Roddick.
the Big Issue's Director Lucie Russell confided that at least ten of its staff are Jews:
"Jews are attracted to this sort of work - they like to be active in changing the world."
Many of the glossy magazines which adorn our newsstands
do not reveal the identities of their staff and detailed research into which holding
companies and publishers own which publications is beyond the scope of this study. Even a cursory glance, however, reveals a vastly disproportionate number of Jews involved.
Anita Roddick: founded the Big Issue
Opinion-makers on The Spectator include
Milton Shulman and Mark Steyn.
Samantha Weinberg is Features Editor at Harpers & Queen.
Vogue Editor Alexandra Shulman also writes a column in the Daily Telegraph, which she has used to promote clothes designers such as Tommy Hilfilger.
Also busy at Vogue are Picture Editor Isabella Kullman, Account Manager Rachel Raelevy, Assistant to the Publishing Director Emma Halpin, and Chairman Daniel Salem. Contributors include Rhoda Koenig and Nigella Lawson.
Deirdre Vine is Editor of Woman's Journal, Sarah Bravo is Managing Editor of Ideal Home. Just 17 and More -
Alexandra Shulman. Vogue Editor and Daily Telegraph columnist
Felix Dennis - one of the three defendants in the infamous 1971 Oz obscenity trial- now publishes many magazines, including the world's most successful CD-ROM magazine, Blender.The "up-market" men's G.Q. has among its Contributing Editors James Bloom,Peter Koenig, David Cohen, Chris Peachment and Christopher Silvester,while Jo Levin is Fashion Director. A glance at virtually any new sstand magazine will reveal a similar situation, with significant Jewish input on publications ranging from Empire movie magazine to New Woman Cosmopolilan to Vanity Fair.



A detailed examination of the question of who controls the book publishing houses is another area beyond the scope of this slim study, but a brief overview reveals
much the same situation as with the rest of the mass media. In addition to its interests noted above, the Pearson Group owns not only the
Financial Times Group and in partnership with N. M. Rothschild merchant bank, the rabidly internationalist prophet of the global economy
The Economist magazine.
Pearson also owns the major publishing companies
Penguin and Longman.
Michael Lambert is the editor of the Financial Times addressed a Jewish Care business group meeting in November 1995. His Assistant Editor is Samuel Brittan.
Paula Kahn is the Chief Executive Chairman of the Longman Group is Simon & Schuster is only part of the publishing division of Sumner Redstone's Viacom empire, which also owns US publishers Prentice Hall and Pocket Books. Random House the largest publisher in the USA and a major player in the UK industry,
is owned by Samuel and Donald Newhouse.Their Advance Publications holding company is worth an estimated $ 8 billion,and includes 26 daily newspapers, 87 cable TV stations and some two dozen major magazines, including up-market titles such as Vogue

Vanity Fair Jewry

Mademoiselle Hamlyns was founded by 1940s refugee
Paul Hamlyn, who sold the company before setting up Octopus,
which he in turn sold to Reed for £ 535 million and 22.1 million Reed shares. His close friend Bob Gavron is another publishing millionaire, having sold his St. Ives printing company in 1993.He then bought The Folio, the up-market book club which specialises in reprinting classics, and provided the money to set up the Virago press. Bob Gavron - a "proud" but non-religious Jew and bank-roller of Tony Blair
The Managing Director of Andre Deutsch is T. G. Rosenthal, who is also prominent at The Bookseller. It is worth noting the familiar pattern of Jewish predominance in influential institutions at the top of the industry.
Louis Baum is Editor of The Bookseller, and British Journalism Review is edited by
Geoffrey Goodman and has Jewish Care's 1990 Woman of Distinction
Jenny Abramsky on its Editorial Board. Longman hotshot
Paula Kahn is the President of the Publishers' Asssociation,
and Chief Executive of the English Teaching Advisory Committee.
Feminist Jenny Abramsky, Radio 5 supremo, also works with the British Journalism Review
Enterntainment Control
Hollywood and All of It
Since the vast majority of the films shown on British cinema and TV screens are imported from America it is impossible to comment on the power of the mass media to mould and direct public opinion in Britain without looking at the ownership of the US movie industry, centred in Hollywood. In his acclaimed book, An Empire of Their Own, How the Jews Invented Hollywood, Neal Gabler pointed to the Jewish origins of Hollywood, under movie pioneers such as Louis B. Mayer and Irving Thalberg.
"Of 85 names engaged in production" a 1936 survey noted 53 are Jews and the Jewish advantage holds in prestige as well as numbers. Little has changed since then in a recent Premiere magazine "Special Power Issue" ranking the 100 most powerful people in the "Industry"- the top 12 were Jewish.No black or British industry executives were even ranked. Every so often, a non- jew journalist or actor comments on this and is invariably forced to make a grovelling apology within a matter of hours.
Marlon Brando, for example hit the headlines in April 1996,
when he denounced the Jewish-run movie establishment for exploiting racial stereotypes, telling the Lany King Show that: "We have seen the nigger we have seen the greaseball, we have seen the chink, the slit-eyed dangerous Jap. .. but we never saw the kike because they know perfectly well that's where you draw the wagons around... Hollywood is run by Jews, owned by Jews and they should have greater sensitivity."
Disney Jewry 
The largest media conglomerate is the Walt Disney Company,
Michael Eisner.is Chairman of the Disney Empire,
Includes several television production companies Walt Disney Television,
Touchstone Television Buena Vista Television its own cable network, and two video production companies. Joe Roth, head of its feature films,
The Walt Disney Picture Group, Includes Touchstone Pictures, Hollywood Pictures Caravan Pictures. Disney also owns Miramax Films run by the Weinstein brothers. When the Disney Company was run by the non - jewish Disneyfamily prior
to its takeover by Eisner in 1984, On the back of its film production,
Disney has built a worldwide entertainment empire,owning Disneyland, Disney World, Epcot Center, Tokyo Disneyland Euro Disney.
The company sells well over a billion dollars worth of consumer products every year,
principally books, toys and clothing. Some of the profits from this enormous operation funded Eisner's 1995 takeover of Capital Cities/ABC Inc., to create a media conglomerate with annual sales of $ 16.5 billion. Capital Cities/ABC
not only controls 235 TV stations in the United States, but also has extensive interests in European TV Companies.
Times Warner Jewry

Probably even more influential than Disney
is the international media leviathan Times Warner, Inc.
Gerald Levin.is the Chairman of the Board Danny Goldberg. heads Warner Music is by far the world's largest record company with 50 labels the biggest of which is Warner Brothers Records Stuart Hersch is the President of the company's video production operation, Warnervision.In addition to music and huge interests in US cable TV, Time Warner is heavily involved in the production of feature films through


Warner Brothers Studio Jewry 
Norman Pearlstine is Editor-in-Chief of Its publishing division the largest magazine publisher in the world.
Gerald Levin has gained an enormous amount of extra power with his takeover of Turner Broadcasting System in 1996. The highly influential TV news network CNN an operation which for a few years provided a potential alternative to the otherwise completely Jewish-controlled American news network
Laurence Tisch brought CBS, removing any threat of non-Jewish influence .
CNN sold to Time Warner means NO RIVAL'S to the Jewish network news operations

Viacom Jewry
Sumner Redstone (born Murray Rothstein) heads Viacom, Inc,
76 per cent owned by is the third largest megamedia corporation in the US,
with revenues of over $10 billion a year.
As well as owning a major network of TV and radio stations,
Viacom produces and distributes TV programmes while feature films are handled by its subsidiary Sherry Lansing.heads Paramount Pictures
Viacom is also involved in satellite broadcasting, Theme parks Video games, Blockbuster video rental - Chain is now spreading rapidly through Britain.
MCA-Universal Jewry 
Another major Hollywood power is MCA-Universal Pictures.
Canadian-based alcohol giant Seagram brought a controlling interest in MCA.
Samuel Bronfman, founded The
Seagram Empiremade his fortune shipping liquor to bootleggers during Prohibition. The Chief Executive today is his grandson, Edgar Bronfman Jr. Michael Ovitz: "The most powerful man in Hollywood"


Sony - Columbia

Another Japanese company which put some noses out of joint by buying a chunk of Hollywood was Sony,Victor Kaufman's Columbia Pictures in 1989 for $ 3.4 billion and $ 1.2 billion and were quite happy to leave the everyday running to the"experts",
Sony were also stung by the reckless and inexplicably incompetent management
of Peter Guber, who had been recommended to run the show by Walter Yetkinoff,
the Chairman of CBS Records. After a series of shattering flops. Sony were rumoured to be thinking of selling up. David Puttnam, who ran Columbia during the mid-eighties, gave an interesting insight into the mentality of their rivals. "The Japanese are probably congenitally incapable of managing a movie studio.
That's not to insult them, it's simply a result of the very ordered way their minds work. I think the Germans are likely to also prove incapable of managing a movie studio." the situation could be resolved by a clever lawyer who could "unbundle" the company with future production and investment taken over by someone else, someone probably more competent or more naive."In the meantime, things now seem to be pretty much in order, with Alan Levine heading the Sony Pictures Division, Michael Schulhof ;is it's financial management of the Sony Corporation of America Jeff Sagansky. Is Sony's US Executive Vice President, Lucy Fisher recently took over as acting Chairman of Columbia TriStar itself,
Dreamworks and others

Most of the smaller film production companies are also controlled by Jews. For example, Ronald Perelman, owns New World Entertainment described as "the premier independent TV program producer in the United States,"Brandon Tartikoff its chairman (formerly the Head of Entertainment Programming at NBC).David Geffen is Dreamworks SKG was formed in 1994 by thisrecording industry mogul Jeffrey Katzenberg, Chairman and was former chaiman of Disney Pictures The most powerful man at the "British" Broadcasting Corporation is Alan Yentob, Director
of BBC programmes. According to Broadcast magazine (14.6.96) this "gives him control over all non-news BBC programmes including those for satellite channels
and those in English for the World Service." Yentob is a close personal friend of the immensely powerful independent TV bosses Michael Grade and Michael Green. The three have shared holidays in the Caribbean and, together with Charles Saatchi, are referred to by coy insiders as the "St. John's Wood Mafia". The Saatchi and Yentob families have been closely connected since before they moved to Britain from Iraq.

Chris Blackwell, founder of Island Records
Brian Epstein, manager of the Beatles
Malcolm McLaren, manager of the Sex Pistols
Daniel Miller, founder of Mute Records
Andrew Loog Oldham, manager of the Rolling Stones
Geoff Travis, founder of Rough Trade Records
Chris Blackwell, founder of Island Records (Jewish mother)


Cult Idol's, Jewry
Jewish Jesus Christ


Elvis Presley
Marilyn Manroe
Elizabeth Taylor
Jack Nickelson
Malon Brando
Paul Newman,
Kirk Douglas
Tony Curtis
Barbra Streisand,
Gene Wilder,
Lauren Bacall
Joan Collins
,Michael Douglas
Christopher Reeve
ald Sutherland
Roman Polanski
Michael Caine
Gene Wilder
James Caan
Leonard Nimoy, Star Trek
William Shatner, Star Trek
Al Jolson
Ali MacGraw
Patrick Duffy
Jodie Foster
Edward G. Robinson,
Woody Allen,
Rosanna Arquette,
George Burns,
Billy Crystal,
Jamie Lee Curtis,
Sammy Davis Jr.,
Richard Dreyfuss
Carrie Fisher,(star wars )
Harrison Ford,( star wars )
Goldie Hawn,
Dustin Hoffman,
Al Jolson,
Marx Brothers,
Walter Matthau,
Sean Penn,
Ricki Lake,
Woody Allen
Barbara Bain, -Mission Impossible
Lisa Bonet, Cosby Show
Mel Brooks
George Burns,
James Caan,
Stan Lee ,comic book creator
Al Capp, cartoonist
Sacha Baron Cohen, UK Ali G
Billy Crystal,
Jamie Lee Curtis,
Tony Curtis,
Sammy Davis Jr.,
Richard Dreyfuss,
Marty Feldman,
Zsa Zsa Gabor,
Monty Hall, game show host
Goldie Hawn,
Dustin Hoffman,
Judy Holliday,
Curly Howard, Three Stooges
Al Jolson,
Danny Kaye,
Rikki Lake, talk show hostess
Al Lewis, Grandpa on The Munsters
Jerry Lewis, comedian
Ali MacGraw,
Walter Matthau,
Bette Midler,
Sharon Osbourne, actress wife of Ozzy Osbourne
Kevin Pollack, US actor
Michael J. Fox wife actress Tracy Pollan
Roman Polanski,
Joan Rivers,
Emma Samms, Dynasty
Jerry Seinfeld,
Steven Spielberg,
Billy Wilder
Ron Jeremy, Famous over weight Adult porn star
Marty Feldman,
Stephen Frears,
Jason Isaacs, actor
Sid James,
Mike Leigh, director
Ron Moody,
Bud Abbott, & Costello
Jack Benny,
George Burns,
Danny Kaye,
Jerry Lewis,
Joan Rivers,
Jerry Springer
Boris becker
Pete Sampras
David Beckam
Marjorie Proops, agony aunt
Tom Baker, Doctor Who
Lionel Blair, tv entertainer
Ruby Wax,
Joan Collins,
Felicity Kendal,
Maureen Lipman, tv actress
Warren Mitchell,
Alf Garnett
Sharon Osbourne, herself in The Osbournes
Esther Rantzen,


Gaby Roslin, tv presenter
Andrew Sachs, Manuel in Fawlty Towers
Emma Samms, tv actress
Jane Seymour, actress
David Suchet, lead in Hercule Poirot
Stephen Fry, comedian & actor
Alexei Sayle, comedian
Peter Sellers,


Ronnie Scott, saxophonist & jazz club owner
Frankie Vaughan, singer
Marc Bolan, member of T. Rex
Mick Jones, member of The Clash
Jason Kay, member of Jamiroquai
Mark Knopfler, member of Dire Straits
Jon Moss, member of Culture Club
Charlie Watts, drummer of The Rolling Stones
Bob Marley, (unconfirmed Jewish father )
Paula Abdul, pop singer, dancer
Lenny Kravitz, rock musician (half Jewish)
Neil Diamond, singer/songwriter
Bob Dylan, singer/songwriter
Cass Elliot, member of The Mamas & the Papas
Donald Fagen, member of Steely Dan
Kenny G, pop saxophonist
Billy Joel, singer/songwriter
Adam Yauch, Adam Horovitz, the Beastie Boys
Barry Manilow,
Bette Midler, singer, actress
Lou Reed,
Neil Sedaka,
Barbra Streisand,
Benny Goodman,
Buddy Rich,
Aaron Copland
Gustav Mahler,
Milton Babbitt,
Leonard Bernstein,
Ernest Bloch,
Jonathan Miller,
Aaron Copland,
Phillip Glass,
Morton Gould,
Aaron Jay Kernis,
Arnold Schoenberg,
William Schuman,
Ernst Toch,
Irving Berlin,
Leonard Bernstein
Ernest Bloch,
Aaron Copland,
Sammy Davis, Jr.,
Neil Diamond,
Bob Dylan
Kenny G,
Art Garfunkel,
Benny Goodman,
Billy Joel,
Lenny Kravitz,
Gustav Mahler,
Lou Reed,
Arnold Schoenberg,

Mark Rothko,
Man Ray,
Camille Pissarro,
Jim Dine,
Jacob Epstein,
Helen Frankenthaler,
Leon Golub,
Adolph Gottlieb
Philip Guston,
Jacques Lipchitz,
Eva Hesse,
R.B. Kitaj,
Lee Krasner, ( Jackson Pollocks wife )
Sol LeWitt
Roy Lichtenstein,
Jacques Lipchitz,
Louise Nevelson,
Barnett Newman, a
Paul Rand,
Larry Rivers, pop artist
Susan Rothenberg, painter
Julian Schnabel, neo-expressionist
Richard Serra, sculptor
Ben Shahn,
Nancy Spero,
Max Weber
Lucian Freud,
Eva Hesse,
Max Liebermann,
Max Weber,
Marc Chagall,
Chaim Soutine
Frank Auerbach,
David Bomberg,
John Constable
Anthony Caro,
Jacob Epstein,
Lucian Freud,
Anish Kapoor,
Leon Kossoff, painter
Richard Avedon,
Robert Capa,
Linda McCartney,
Cindy Sherman
Aaron Siskind,
Alfred Stieglitz,
Paul Strand,
Clement Greenberg,
Ernst Gombrich,
David Sylvester,
Meyer Schapiro


Harry Houdini, illusionist
Uri Geller, Israeli
David Blaine,
David Copperfield
Raymond Pen and Teller


Garry Kasparov,
Mikhail Tal,
Reuben Fine,
Joel Benjamin,
Bobby Fischer,
Fred Reinfeld,
Wilhelm Steinitz,


Science Jewry

Carl Djerassi, chemist: oral contraceptive pill
Albert Einstein, theoretical physicist,
Sigmund Freud, founder of psychoanalysis
Carl Sagan, astronomer & science popularizer
Isaac Asimov, American science fiction author
Walter Benjamin, German philosopher, critic, essayist
Noam Chomsky political writer
Dennis Gabor, inventor of holography, Nobel Prize (1971)
Isaac Asimov, science fiction author
Peter Benenson, founder of Amnesty International
Joel Joffe, chairman of Oxfam
Marcel Proust, French writer, son of a Jewish mother
Baruch Spinoza, (1632-1677) philosopher
Hyman Rickover - Father of the US Nuclear Navy
Saul Amarel, Artificial Intelligence pioneer
Hermann Bondi, director of European Space Research
and Cheif scientific advisor to british ministry of defense Scientists
13 month Jewish moon calender 5764 years to date

Ref: Famous Jews also from Wikipedia Encyclopidea


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